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A true delicacy in southern Africa

What’s in the bag?

Nutritional Breakdown 

Mopane worms offer high value of protein. A typical 100g serving offers more than 55g of protein.

Three Major Ingredients:




Crude Fat



Ingredients based on 100 grams of Mopane Worms: (Recommended Daily Allowance.)

Potassium 1032 mg, 22% RDA
Calcium 174 mg, 17% RDA
Phosphorus 543 mg, 78% RDA
Magnesium 160 mg, 50% RDA
Zinc 14 mg, 175% RDA
Iron 31 mg, 172% RDA

How to use Proteinade

The dried mopane worm powder can be added to your favourite smoothie, salads, omelettes and more for additional protein.


How Can Proteinade Help You?

Mopane worms contain high “amounts of iron, calcium and phosphorus. Iron is required for the haemoglobin component contained within the red blood cells. These red blood cells are responsible for, among other things, the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to tissues around the body.

Mopane worms are loved and enjoyed by many people in African countries. According to, they are a local delicacy in the northern region of South Africa.

“Mopane worms are a good source of protein,” says dietician Sylven Masoga, who works in the Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Limpopo.

“The protein offered by these species is of a high biological value, offering more than 55g per 100g of serving. Protein is important in the formation and repair of muscles,”

For the majority of the people in the western world, eating insects or eating bugs is welcomed with feelings of aversion and disgust. Yet for a lot of other people, entomophagy or the consumption of edible insects and edible bugs is part of their staple diet.


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